Thank you guys for reading my blog and giving me wonderful comments! You guys inspire me😍😍!!! so as promised here is my next blog….

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Sometimes we get so used to living with our partner ( husband) that we forget our own strength and weakness. Once you separate the harsh reality strikes in, its the fact that certain things that you solely depended on your partner to do  will now  pile up like a mountain. This is when you get extremely depressed😒 and ask yourself over and over again ” did I do the right thing?”,  but then you need to trust and believe in yourself. Believe that fact that anything is possible and its up to you to make your dreams come true. If you haven’t given a try how can you possibly think you can’t do it? I face this little challenges everyday! But this week I had to face a bigger one  and I am proud that I was able to overcome my fear🙌.

So this week both myself and my friend happened to have an off together ( it is rare) and so we decided to make the most of it🎉!! So this is when we decided to drive to Hamilton which is 285km away from the place we live! But the main hurdle was we had to drive, and neither me nor my friend drove anywhere more than 30km.😊. So this was indeed a challenge for me and guess what? I could not believe myself that  i actually was able to drive 500km in one day👍!

We face challenges in our life everyday, but overcoming them needs confidence. Sometimes we give up, as there will be at least 1000 thoughts in our head saying why exactly we should not be facing them. We get so used to our comfort zone; that we believe we are happy and satisfied. I too was the same, driving was never my comfort zone and would avoid it if i need be🚗. But this time I was forced to do it that I actually realized I enjoyed it!

Now ask yourself what is that little challenge in life that you think you can achieve? what is that you would like to do differently? Make yourself stronger and believe in yourself 💋

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have an amazing week guys!🙋‍♀️

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