Hi sorry I am writing after a long time.. was sick and then i got on vacation mode!๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

Yes my today’s blog is about Why are you scared??. what do you do if your house is robbed? or what do u do if there is stranger in your house? you don’t sit quietly do you? you end of complaining to a police station or you tell your friends or neighbors and seek help don’t you? Then why don’t we do the same if there is a domestic violence in our house?. Its a hard topic to discuss, and is highly influenced by our culture.

When I spoke up about domestic violence in the beginning, I was silenced I was told I have to deal with it, no one can come between husband and wife and its our personal problem..ย  I got comments like “why don’t you keep quite when he is angry” or ” Try to find why he gets angry”. Really? is this all the advice I get? I even got told think of your daughter she is still small. There were hardly a few who really advised me to walk out of this relationship. I Kept remembering on our wedding vow ” …. until death do you part”, I kept thinking of my parents my family, how are they going to face the society? Its not easy, its a hard step. But I don’t want to hide myself, I don’t want to cry , I want to be a fighter!

When I started this blog my friends asked me” do you really want to do it?” yes of course, I am not a victim anymore but there are still a lot of victim out there who need a voice, who need encouragement. I was scared for 5 years, I was scared to talk. I was worried what will people tell? but not anymore, I know its hard. My pure intention of this blog is not to portray me as victim but to spread awareness on domestic violence andย  break the silence. Remember domestic violence is not OK!

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  1. Hi! I read an article about you on the Stuff website and I just wanted to say โ€” you are a very brave woman, and I applaud you for having the courage and wisdom to leave an abusive marriage. Indian culture struggles to understand the negative complexities of staying in an unhealthy relationship, but that shouldnโ€™t stop any Indian woman from doing what is right for her. The children will grow up happier without being tangled up in that abusive environment as well. I understand this all too well. Take care, and best of luck!


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